JavaScript Practice Exercises For Beginners: Beginner Exercises Part 1

Here are some practice exercises for you to improve your JavaScript skills.

In this tutorial, you’ll get a chance to have a go at some JavaScript practice exercises for beginners and then review a possible solution. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Junior Developer Central channel for more videos and tutorials! It’s important to practice your JavaScript coding skills but it can be tricky to find decent problems to solve and then you’re always left wondering - is there a different or better way of solving the problem? In these JavaScript practice exercises, you’ll get the chance to be given a problem, have a go at solving it and then run through a possible solution to check your own. JavaScript for beginners can be a bit of a stab in the dark to know whether your code is correct and the truth is that, for most javascript problems, there isn’t a right or wrong way of doing it. But for some JavaScript practice problems, there is usually a short solution which can be achieved with JavaScript function and that is generally the aim of these JavaScript practice exercises for beginners. It can also be good for you to see someone else break down a problem and code it in JavaScript and compare it with your own approach to a problem.