3 Advantages of Using ES6 Enhanced Object Literals

Enhanced Object Literals in ES6 enable you to write shorthand properties and functions for JavaScript object literals.

In this ES6 tutorial you’ll learn about what JavaScript object literals are and how they can be written in a pre-ES6 manner. You’ll still come across lots of ES5 style object literals but if you have the option to, you can update these to ES6 syntax and make use of some of these advanced features. In this ES6 tutorial for beginners you’ll learn about some of the JavaScript Object Oriented features which enable you to define objects in a more succint manner. For example, you can use the property shorthand to enable you to use local variables to define properties of an object without having to define both property and value separately even though they have the same name. Also, we’ll look at the ability to use the function short hand property within your ES6 literals in order to make a neater object constructor. Finally we’ll look at computed properties for setting the property name of an object to the result of a variables.